“Being oppressed means the absence of choices.” bell hooks

100 Choices: A Fundraising Project curated by Selah Saterstrom and HR Hegnauer

100 Choices invites writers and artists to raise money and awareness for a special cause. This year we are supporting the Mango House Basic Needs PantryThe Mango House was created by a group of Denver friends and is open to newly arrived refugees and refugees struggling to rebuild their lives in Denver, Colorado and surrounding cities. Their goal is to place needed items directly into the hands of refugees, with face-to-face contact. They are an incredible organization that helps at least 1,000 people a month.

The way 100 Choices works is simple and transparent! Scroll through the bios of our participants and pick one (or two or three or many!) folks through which to channel your donation. Each donation is $15. When the fundraiser ends (February 28th), you will be mailed an original work by the author/artist you selected.

All donations will go to the Mango House Pantry and we will offer a full report to the community about our efforts. At the very least we hope to raise $4,500, but are hopeful we can raise more!

Chose a name above, enter your own name & email, and then click donate! Thanks for supporting the Mango House Basic Needs Pantry!